Thursday, October 1, 2009

The last I will speak of the Premier, Whip It.

Of all the important people at the premiere, these two were definitely the main attraction. But sadly this picture doesn't have me in it. Hmmmm, I wonder what we can find on youtube.

So, I know what you are thinking. Joe, you aren't in that video. Look again, this time in the upper right hand corner. I am standing behind girls from the film in the fan pit. I am there, I swear. Just look for the guy with the bold black framed glasses!

Anywho, that is all I shall post about this. It was definitely an amazing evening.

So that was just some random B-Roll footage of what it is like at a red carpet event. 
Here are just a few more pictures that I found online that I enjoyed:

I'm there in the blurry background somewhere, I swear!
Regardless if I am seen or not, that is definitely where I was standing. We were really close.

And what would be a blog posting for the Whip It Premiere without the lovely Ellen Page. Oh she is beautiful. She didn't look too well, but what can you say. Late nights, premieres, stardom, its a rough life.

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