Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Sunday Morning.

    Today I slept in till noon. It was the best Sleep I have had in weeks. I woke up and popped in the Spike Jones music video DVD and started my day with a cup of tea. It's almost two in the afternoon and I have yet to do anything. It's a perfect day so far. This weekend has been packed. Friday I was out later than I wanted to be hanging with Eric from school. It was fun we chilled around town and hung out doing what we do best. Saturday I woke up early and helped out with casting for our group film project. It was interesting watching the whole casting process and seeing random people show you who they are as they try to get the part. Casting is hard. Saturday evening I headed out with Mitch to work on his short film. It was a super hero film. Sorry, Super Villain film. It was funny and despite a million takes due to laughing we finally finished it and headed of to our separate worlds.
    After we left the set a group of us headed to my favorite place near our apartments. 7/11. I am a "regular" at that place. We wandered in, a large group of us, and dominated the place with our presence. I immediately darted to my favorite corner, the slurpee corner. There I refilled my exclusive Domo cup and filled it to the top with the Fuji Apple slurpee. It's so good. Think apple cider slushie! Words cannot describe the taste, you have to experience it for yourself. After that I headed over to Ellen's apartment to await Maggie's return. She is having a random Australian guy crash on my couch. A fair trade off for I had my friend Libby crash on her couch. Dan and Maggie walked in and we met each other and hung out late once again. Dan I headed to my place where I slept in till noon today! My it was a wonderful sleep.
   Today is Sunday. Right now I am on Skype with my family. I love Skype it was wonderful to see my nephew again. I miss that kid. He is so cute. This afternoon is my afternoon to schedule and relax. This evening is  a concert. I love going to live shows and this will be my first major live show in Los Angeles. Brand New and Manchester Orchestra. I have heard from my Seattle friends that this is an amazing show. I am so excited! The show is at six. It is two. I have four hours. I need to shower and eat sometime during that period. I think it will happen. It better!

That is all for now. I will posting another video up soon and some pictures once I get them off my camera! Thanks for reading,


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