Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tea and a good book:

There are moments in my day I love more than any other time. I love tea time. There is nothing that makes a perfect day better than music playing softly in the background, a cup of tea in hand, and a good book sitting next to me that I will start reading. In just a moment of course. Right now I sit in parents hotel room sipping my tropical green tea while listening to a friend from Seattle fill my ears with good music. I am enjoying this down time because today is going to be a crazy day. I am about to head out to pick up the rental car with pa. When we get back we will get ready to head out to Pomona for the west coast national flat track race! Harley Davidson's cruising at a hundred miles per hour running into each other for hours! Its going to be a great evening. For lunch we are going to In and Out. Even though I just had breakfast, I am ready for lunch. Tomorrow is my busiest day of the week. I will be getting up early and shopping for costumes, then getting zombie make-up, then filming starting at one in the afternoon. Whew! It was even a mouthful just to say. My parents are going to help out a tad, they are going to cater! Which means plenty of snick snacks. I like snick snacks. Well, it's time to head out and start this day. Even though I am enjoying this quiet relaxing moment, I am ready to head out.


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