Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love Tuesdays.

Today is Tuesday. Today is the only day of the week that I have nothing on my schedule. In a few weeks Tuesday will literally be 100% free and open. I have a few things scheduled today, but it is still extremely relaxing. I slept in today and caught up on some much needed sleep. This last weekend my parents were in town and I was out late with them every night and waking up early. Sunday I filmed my last film and had to get up real early and buy costumes and make-up for it. Monday I went to my internship on little sleep.

Let's talk more about my internship on Monday. A call came into the production assistant office, aka the interns, to do a project for the talent department. So I jumped on the call and headed my way not knowing what I was getting myself into. The assistant saw me entered and frantically handed me six DVDs. I had to watch episodes of Melrose Place and mark down every scene that Katie Cassidy was in. In reality, it wasn't that bad of an assignment, it only took like six hours to do! So that was my Monday. I watched all the episodes of Melrose Place. It turns out we were making an acting reel for Katie Cassidy. I thought it was weird we needed to make her a reel when she is already in a television show. Well that evening I found out that Melrose Place has been cancelled. This explains everything.

Let's just say that Monday was a long day. To end the long day I headed out to my favorite 7/11 to grab another Fuji Apple Slurpee. Oh so good. So for today I have a couple of meetings and some little homework to do. My priority is uploading pictures. I have almost a thousand new pictures that I have to sort through, but I will be posting some soon, I swear!

Thanks for reading and look back soon, pictures will be up I swear!


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