Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Compact Disc

    For the longest time I wanted to own a record player. There is nothing more indie than owning a machine that spins vinyl discs and produces sound. However, moving such a system around form dorm to apartment to apartment is something that I do not want to deal with. Some day I will own such a sweet set up. Until then I am investing in the Compact Disc. This way I can play music in my car and at my home stereo that I will someday have. I like music. I buy CD's all the time. I write this article because I have just pulled in from shopping at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles: Amoeba Music. I like shopping at Amoeba because it reminds me of Easy Street Records in Seattle and all the music I have bought there. I heard an idea today that memories are not only stored in our minds but in physical places. Events are remembered much stronger when you have something physical to interact with. A chair, a blanket, a smell, or a location. I miss Seattle but I am happy to be here. Amoeba is my little home away from home. When I buy music and put that CD into my car stereo I am taken instantly into another world separate from any physical location. My car disappears and I am taken to the next dimension that exists in a world that be reached no matter where you live.
    I went back to that place today. That surreal world and time where you feel infinite. That moment when you can close your eyes and you know that everything is going to be ok. The future, as uncertain as it may be, is going to be ok. No matter what happens everything will work out. This is the feeling of being infinite. That moment when the music is up, the windows are down, the wind rushes through your hair, that is the moment where everything becomes infinite. Some could call this a religious experience. Others may call it chi. In reality, it's you coming to grips with the realization of who you are for just a short moment. It's a thought in life when your worries and cares are put on the back burner and you can simply just exist. As I drove down Highland Ave with the music turned up I knew everything was going to be alright. Why do I love driving? I love to drive because I feel infinite. I feel infinite because my music takes me to that place.
    In Seattle I would take the bus. I would sit by the window with music in my ears and observe the passing scenery. In Los Angeles I do not take the bus, I drive. While traffic may be bad at times. While red lights seem to show up at every intersection. While it seems that I will never get home at a decent hour, I relax, roll down my windows, and simply disappear from this world and enter infinity. Even though the sun is always out in this place and it seems like there is never a break, there is still time to reflect and think about life. For me this happens late at night on what I call "slurpee runs." I get a slurpee often and I enjoy my time of headphone goodness as I walk in the dark, alone and peaceful in my infinite place I can finally look into life at where I am. Sometimes it really doesn't hit me, but I am far away from everything and everyone I once knew. This town can make one feel all alone. I am happy I moved down with so many people, but I am sad to think of what this town will be like when everyone I know moves away also. But that is a worry for another time. Right now I meditate on The Mountain Goats new worship album. I reflect on why I am here and why I want to work in this industry. What is my purpose to coming down to this city. I am reminded of my life verse, Ecclesiastes 12"13-14. To sum it up I will quote what I know from memory: "...fear the Lord and keep his commandments for that is the whole duty of man..." There is more afterwords about being judged for not doing so. I feel as if we forget about that part of God. He does love us and gives us a lot of grace, but he also is our judge. Sure, he is our righteous and perfect judge, but a judge nonetheless. These are thoughts that run through my mind as I find my infinite place. This is why I buy music. I went off on a tangent, so I will end this post for now. Thanks to all who read on a regular basis,


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