Sunday, August 30, 2009

Went to a highly recommended church today. Mosaic takes place in the Mayan club right downtown L.A. amidst the trash filled streets of the forgotten buildings. The Mayan club is an all out club that mosaic rents out for their evening service. It comes complete with bar, loud speakers, and a full dance floor. Once a week this church is transformed into a place if worship. 

The worship was a cross between ingrid michaelson with a country drawl and Mars Hill worship influences. It was really good and definitely something I appreciated. Erwin Mcmanus came out and talked about some random life principle that was something that could easily be applied. Service was rather decent and a chill vibe that is reminiscent of modern non-denominational 'hipster' churches. Creativity and art as an expression of our worship was a feature that was highly talked up. It seems to basically be their focus. Creativity. To create just as God created us. 

Regardless of theme or vibe of the disco styled church, the over all feel was something that was opening for the non-church goers. Community was something that we avoided upon our first visit, so there is nothing to say on how easy it is to meet people. Maybe next week there will be a different vibe. 

Moving on, 

It's sunday evening and I have no school tomorrow. I plan on picking up a new lens for my camera so I can take cool photos. I will see if its still available. I am kind of excited to pick this lens up. Its a Canon 50mm 1.4. I'm excited to get it. It is time to watch another film then head off to bed. I will learn of my internship this week so I am excited to figure that out. I am getting acquainted with L.A. now, though I got real lost on my way home from Mosaic. Regardless of that one experience things are starting to make sense now. I can't wait to start my internship! 

With stomachs full we continue on our journey...

It's sunday and I started my day doing nothing out of the ordinary. I headed out to the Arclight to watch Inglorious Basterds, the new film by Tarentino. Needless to say the filim was amazing. The theatre I went to was one of a kind. Assigned seating, big screen, good audio. A perfect Hollywood experience.

Afterwords we headed out to Inn-N-Out to grab some grub. Ordered a double double and filled up. Now its the evening and I'm about to head to church. I am planning on hitting up Mosaic to catch some good theology. Service starts at 7, I guess it's time to get ready.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The American Dream

    Went to the Kodak theatre today. This is where the Oscars are handled out every year for those of you who don't know. It was really nice. we had a private tour. We got the total royal treatment. It was nice. The best part of the tour was the sidewalks around the theatre. All over they had stories of people achieving the American dream. "The American Dream: I was a waiter and waited on a television producer, so I have him my script and bam, I am a sit com writer." That's the America Dream.

 What is the true American Dream?

    People know my name, The American Dream.

    I can stand in a fountain, The American Dream.

    I don't have to work and I can make money, The American Dream.

    My clothes are custom made, The American Dream.

    I spend more money on my dog than my child, The American Dream.

    I spend more time on my hair than working, The American Dream.

    I never eat canned tuna, The American Dream.

    I don't know how to pronounce Labyrinth, The American Dream.

One day perhaps I too can acheive The American Dream. Making money without working. Sounds amazing.


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Its a Kodak moment

Its Saturday, in case you all don't know. Today we are touring the Kodak theatre. This is pretty exciting and I can't wait to see what its like behind the scenes. Tonight is a barbecue at our directors house. That makes me happy a little, free food! Mostly it'll be exciting to still attempt to know everybody. It's only been a week so I am still a little iffy on most peoples names. But that's ok. Our program decided to take every persons picture and distribute them with names below them so we can know who people are. In reality, its sort of creepy having everyone's mug shots in your binder.

It's early and i didn't get much sleep last night. in fact, I haven't been getting much sleep at all this week. It's because I am having difficulties sleeping, but more than because i am out and about until three in the morning. But that behavior is really nothing unusual. I am happy that I have an espresso machine, i feel as if I am only function because of my daily shots. I'm tired, but slowly waking up. It's time to go. I will be posting more in the near future.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Friday!

Doug Jones Private Eye

This one guy to class last evening. He was in a movie or two, it was pretty sweet. I got his autograph and picture of my favorite part he has played. Oh, what movies has he been in? Lets se, he was pencil head in mystery men. He did a McDonalds commercial, oh and he was in Pan's Labyrinth. He played that creepy pale guy with the eyes in his hands, and he played the Faun as well. He was also the blue dude in Hellboy. He has been in several movies and it was really excited to meet him and hear him talk. Lets just say I am finally excited to be here now, and most of it is due to his speaking last night. Talk about invigorating to finally hear a big actor speak about the industry!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Professors

Patrick O'Neil Duff There are better teachers in this program. This is certainly one of the worst. Why? Not because of his teaching skills, or his ability to operate equipment. But because he pointed me to this:

but seriously... The teachers here are pretty legit and don't really feel like teachers, so that makes this not feel like school. Which it shouldn't and doesn't.

Celebrity Sightings

There are celebrities every where, and this is my tale...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The slackers guild

We started learning about all the guilds today. I vote on starting a new guild, the slackers guild. This certifies that all back row students and workers will be allowed to get paid appropriate compensation for their time...

In reality, it's a hot day but s good day. We are on hump day, an for that I am excited. This week has been tiring but extremely worth it. I can't wait till the weekend.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To my left is our dvd library. Over a thousand films to watch over and enjoy for our viewing pleasure! This room happens to be the break room where we "chill" and hang around till class happens. Its nice and the couches are comfortable.

This is a picture of our main lecture hall. This is where we watch are class films and other films as well. tis pretty legit.

Fear and loathing in the equipment room

Just got out of a demonstration on all the equipment that we have at this program. All I have to say is there is tons of amazing geeky stuff to use at our will!

Anywho, back to class. Break is over...

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And there was homework on the first day...

It's been three days and I have already become a stereotype... My homework yesterday was to read a film script. So I set out on an adventure to complete the task assigned to me. Where did I go? Well, a coffee shop of course! This one in particular was called intellegencia. It was recommended to me by some respected coffee lovers in Seattle. The verdict? Amazing! I picked up a bag of beans so I could survive at home.

How did I become a stereotype?I don't know really how it happened, but it just did. I enter my new haven and ordered my shot of espresso with a tiny bit of milk. I took my small glass and mreanered next to an individual to read and sip. As I am reading I glance to the person next to me. He is wearing a polo shirt and bold dark framed glasses like me. I glance at what he was reading, it happened to be a film script as well. We are doing the exact same thing, enjoying the same coffee, and we are dressed similar! This is crazy. I have become a streotype already and I have only been here for three days!

All is well so far, and I am in class right now, so I guess I should stop pretending to take notes!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

From the back of class...

It's break time. The first day of classes has begun and there is already a screenplay to read. Our internships will be assigned in the coming week, this is daunting and exciting and an experience worth every penny. With a packpack loaded with a screenplay and a notebook I will traverse about the city this evening looking for a piece of Seattle to rest in and read, this means a coffee shop!

It's crazy thinking of reading a screenplay in Hollywood, this is THE city of screenplays and films and everything! Class begins soon. More pictures will be uploaded soon of the classrooms and of the area I live in.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is the building where my classes take place. Its pretty sweet. Notice the Gigantic G.I. Joe poster that consumes the side of the building. ya, i am sure you noticed it on your own, but you never know. Our program is way up near the top so its pretty sweet and there is a stellar view of the city! Soon I will post a picture of some of our classrooms! There are only two really, but they are all fitted with big screens and surround sound! Nothing can be better!

Classes start tomorrow at 9 sharp! Homework has already been assigned and we are starting off at full speed. I have been running around all day and am looking forward to my bed tonight!

This is the living room in my apartment, where, well, living happens. The apartment was much more spacious than I thought it would be.

I shall be posting a video tour of my place soon. that should include an update on life as it is down here...

Settling In

I have been settling in well as of late. This town isn't that confusing, well at least my apartment complex. I haven't really gone anywhere yet so I haven't experienced the hell that is Los Angeles. The picture above is an observation i have made about cars that I find unique. Yes, it is a perfect failblog post.

Moving on. The first two weeks are kind of insane. Partly because there is a few stuff planned, and partly because I still have no idea where anything is. I found whole foods last night, i feel a bit at home there. I still need to find this amazing coffee shop I have been told is worth visiting. The weather is extremely warm, well 80's, and a tad muggy. It isn't all that comfortable but I am adjusting.

PIctures of my apartment will be posted soon. I have a great view of the city. This complex is incredible. Around 12000 people live in this small city. La Brea pretty much consists of this complex and food establishments to serve the people. I live just across the street from the tar pits and look forward to laughing at all the stupid cavemen and dinosaurs that have fallen into it over the years.

Tomorrow begins the first day of class. Everything has moved so fast thus far. But it is definitely worth it so far!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Over 12000 people living in my apartment complex. Larger than some cities! Totally a different living experience from the norm.
All moved in. No internet so this post will be brief. Pictures will be up soon with more videos. This week is going to fly by. Its hot and muggy. All is well.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Arrival

It was 6:30 pm on a Friday evening. A light green Chevy Malibu cruised pass destruction and mayhem entering the baron wasteland people use to refer to as Heaven. This is the Los Angeles of the year 2009. What was once a place of prosperity and dreams, it has now become a landfill as designated by the common world government. All of our trash and waste from our pathetic lives end up here. Some glorify this area of land. Others, simply scoff at the idea of a trash filled paradise.

It is 7:00 in the evening and we have arrived safely. Traffic wasn't too bad, but in L.A. lingo it was great. Arriving at our hotel we quickly discovered we are famished. Having not eaten for at least an hour a new adventure begins, where to eat? We shall head out on our journey in moments time.

It is quiet and deserted in this portion of the landfill. It reminds me of a Chevy car lot.

More to come soon...
Here are some videos we have decided to capture recording our journey...

First Leg of the Journey

It was early, nine in the morning. I awoke dazed and confused on a foreign couch. I was late. I slept through my alarm. Five missed calls on my cell phone reminded me that there was one person who knew. I quickly traversed from Queen Anne to Kirkland. There I met up with Mitch Netzer. We packed the car with his stuff and away we went.

It took just under 12 hours to get to Chico, California. Not a bad drive really, just really really long. We stopped here and there and got lost in a few random towns. That was fun. It is finally beginning to settle in, I'm moving to L.A. It's kind of crazy, but exciting.

I awake in Chico. Its warm and definitely a foreign land to me. The ground is orangish yellow and consisting of sand. There are these strange trees that rise up really tall and have no limbs near the ground. People are mostly happy with smiles on their faces. Sunglasses can be worn. Yes, California is a foreign land to me, but a land I will soon be acquainted with.

We will be heading out in a bit. There is just around 8 hours left of our journey. Not too bad really. I hope to leave Chico around noon and arrive in the evening in L.A. That way I can attempt to avoid Friday night traffic. But, in reality, you can't avoid L.A. traffic, ever.