Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And there was homework on the first day...

It's been three days and I have already become a stereotype... My homework yesterday was to read a film script. So I set out on an adventure to complete the task assigned to me. Where did I go? Well, a coffee shop of course! This one in particular was called intellegencia. It was recommended to me by some respected coffee lovers in Seattle. The verdict? Amazing! I picked up a bag of beans so I could survive at home.

How did I become a stereotype?I don't know really how it happened, but it just did. I enter my new haven and ordered my shot of espresso with a tiny bit of milk. I took my small glass and mreanered next to an individual to read and sip. As I am reading I glance to the person next to me. He is wearing a polo shirt and bold dark framed glasses like me. I glance at what he was reading, it happened to be a film script as well. We are doing the exact same thing, enjoying the same coffee, and we are dressed similar! This is crazy. I have become a streotype already and I have only been here for three days!

All is well so far, and I am in class right now, so I guess I should stop pretending to take notes!

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