Friday, August 21, 2009

First Leg of the Journey

It was early, nine in the morning. I awoke dazed and confused on a foreign couch. I was late. I slept through my alarm. Five missed calls on my cell phone reminded me that there was one person who knew. I quickly traversed from Queen Anne to Kirkland. There I met up with Mitch Netzer. We packed the car with his stuff and away we went.

It took just under 12 hours to get to Chico, California. Not a bad drive really, just really really long. We stopped here and there and got lost in a few random towns. That was fun. It is finally beginning to settle in, I'm moving to L.A. It's kind of crazy, but exciting.

I awake in Chico. Its warm and definitely a foreign land to me. The ground is orangish yellow and consisting of sand. There are these strange trees that rise up really tall and have no limbs near the ground. People are mostly happy with smiles on their faces. Sunglasses can be worn. Yes, California is a foreign land to me, but a land I will soon be acquainted with.

We will be heading out in a bit. There is just around 8 hours left of our journey. Not too bad really. I hope to leave Chico around noon and arrive in the evening in L.A. That way I can attempt to avoid Friday night traffic. But, in reality, you can't avoid L.A. traffic, ever.

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