Sunday, August 23, 2009

Settling In

I have been settling in well as of late. This town isn't that confusing, well at least my apartment complex. I haven't really gone anywhere yet so I haven't experienced the hell that is Los Angeles. The picture above is an observation i have made about cars that I find unique. Yes, it is a perfect failblog post.

Moving on. The first two weeks are kind of insane. Partly because there is a few stuff planned, and partly because I still have no idea where anything is. I found whole foods last night, i feel a bit at home there. I still need to find this amazing coffee shop I have been told is worth visiting. The weather is extremely warm, well 80's, and a tad muggy. It isn't all that comfortable but I am adjusting.

PIctures of my apartment will be posted soon. I have a great view of the city. This complex is incredible. Around 12000 people live in this small city. La Brea pretty much consists of this complex and food establishments to serve the people. I live just across the street from the tar pits and look forward to laughing at all the stupid cavemen and dinosaurs that have fallen into it over the years.

Tomorrow begins the first day of class. Everything has moved so fast thus far. But it is definitely worth it so far!

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