Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love Tuesdays.

Today is Tuesday. Today is the only day of the week that I have nothing on my schedule. In a few weeks Tuesday will literally be 100% free and open. I have a few things scheduled today, but it is still extremely relaxing. I slept in today and caught up on some much needed sleep. This last weekend my parents were in town and I was out late with them every night and waking up early. Sunday I filmed my last film and had to get up real early and buy costumes and make-up for it. Monday I went to my internship on little sleep.

Let's talk more about my internship on Monday. A call came into the production assistant office, aka the interns, to do a project for the talent department. So I jumped on the call and headed my way not knowing what I was getting myself into. The assistant saw me entered and frantically handed me six DVDs. I had to watch episodes of Melrose Place and mark down every scene that Katie Cassidy was in. In reality, it wasn't that bad of an assignment, it only took like six hours to do! So that was my Monday. I watched all the episodes of Melrose Place. It turns out we were making an acting reel for Katie Cassidy. I thought it was weird we needed to make her a reel when she is already in a television show. Well that evening I found out that Melrose Place has been cancelled. This explains everything.

Let's just say that Monday was a long day. To end the long day I headed out to my favorite 7/11 to grab another Fuji Apple Slurpee. Oh so good. So for today I have a couple of meetings and some little homework to do. My priority is uploading pictures. I have almost a thousand new pictures that I have to sort through, but I will be posting some soon, I swear!

Thanks for reading and look back soon, pictures will be up I swear!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tea and a good book:

There are moments in my day I love more than any other time. I love tea time. There is nothing that makes a perfect day better than music playing softly in the background, a cup of tea in hand, and a good book sitting next to me that I will start reading. In just a moment of course. Right now I sit in parents hotel room sipping my tropical green tea while listening to a friend from Seattle fill my ears with good music. I am enjoying this down time because today is going to be a crazy day. I am about to head out to pick up the rental car with pa. When we get back we will get ready to head out to Pomona for the west coast national flat track race! Harley Davidson's cruising at a hundred miles per hour running into each other for hours! Its going to be a great evening. For lunch we are going to In and Out. Even though I just had breakfast, I am ready for lunch. Tomorrow is my busiest day of the week. I will be getting up early and shopping for costumes, then getting zombie make-up, then filming starting at one in the afternoon. Whew! It was even a mouthful just to say. My parents are going to help out a tad, they are going to cater! Which means plenty of snick snacks. I like snick snacks. Well, it's time to head out and start this day. Even though I am enjoying this quiet relaxing moment, I am ready to head out.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to Urth.

I have been extremely busy as of late. This week I have been in pre-production for my last film. I am making a Zombie film and let's just say, it's a lot of work. On top of all that, my parents came in on Wednesday! This has been the highlight of my week! However, things haven't been going to smoothly... First of all I drove to the wrong airport, LAX, and had to turn around and head an hour and a half north to Burbank. So my parents ended up sitting on a concrete bench watching the sunset for an hour or so...whoops... We went to dinner right away and then I dropped them off at their hotel. That evening my mother had given me my latest shipment of bread from my sister. My brother, Jared, has been randomly baking bread as of late. Katie sent some down a few weeks ago. Let me just say this bread is amazing! It's so good we call it crack bread because it's addicting. So I had Ellen and Maggie over to share half a loaf of this latest crack bread shipment. SO GOOD!

Thursday I had class till noon. Then I had to run around and move equipment and find a location for filming all that stuff. STRESS! Then I picked up the parents and we headed north to Burbank to watch the Jay Leno show. We just barely made it in time and got in. Hillary Swank was there. It was fun to see the whole production process and attend a live show. For dinner we ate at some country place in downtown universal. Then I took the parents to my school where they met a few peeps and got to see my classrooms and stuff.

Today, Friday, we got up at our leisure and headed out and about. I took the rents to Intelligenstia, its a really amazing coffee shop. Then we chilled on Wilshire BLVD for a bit and headed out to a late lunch at Urth cafe. Let's just say, its really good.

This evening we are heading to Venice beach to shop around and enjoy the waterfront and just be relaxed. I can't wait. For now we are chilling in the hotel room watching tv. There are three televisions in the room so we are all watching our own show. But at least it's relaxing!

Anywho, more to come soon. Thanks for reading!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Sunday Morning.

    Today I slept in till noon. It was the best Sleep I have had in weeks. I woke up and popped in the Spike Jones music video DVD and started my day with a cup of tea. It's almost two in the afternoon and I have yet to do anything. It's a perfect day so far. This weekend has been packed. Friday I was out later than I wanted to be hanging with Eric from school. It was fun we chilled around town and hung out doing what we do best. Saturday I woke up early and helped out with casting for our group film project. It was interesting watching the whole casting process and seeing random people show you who they are as they try to get the part. Casting is hard. Saturday evening I headed out with Mitch to work on his short film. It was a super hero film. Sorry, Super Villain film. It was funny and despite a million takes due to laughing we finally finished it and headed of to our separate worlds.
    After we left the set a group of us headed to my favorite place near our apartments. 7/11. I am a "regular" at that place. We wandered in, a large group of us, and dominated the place with our presence. I immediately darted to my favorite corner, the slurpee corner. There I refilled my exclusive Domo cup and filled it to the top with the Fuji Apple slurpee. It's so good. Think apple cider slushie! Words cannot describe the taste, you have to experience it for yourself. After that I headed over to Ellen's apartment to await Maggie's return. She is having a random Australian guy crash on my couch. A fair trade off for I had my friend Libby crash on her couch. Dan and Maggie walked in and we met each other and hung out late once again. Dan I headed to my place where I slept in till noon today! My it was a wonderful sleep.
   Today is Sunday. Right now I am on Skype with my family. I love Skype it was wonderful to see my nephew again. I miss that kid. He is so cute. This afternoon is my afternoon to schedule and relax. This evening is  a concert. I love going to live shows and this will be my first major live show in Los Angeles. Brand New and Manchester Orchestra. I have heard from my Seattle friends that this is an amazing show. I am so excited! The show is at six. It is two. I have four hours. I need to shower and eat sometime during that period. I think it will happen. It better!

That is all for now. I will posting another video up soon and some pictures once I get them off my camera! Thanks for reading,


Friday, October 16, 2009

Where the wild bloodshot eyes are

The difference between Los Angeles and other cities is you don't have to search hard to find something to do in this town. Something to do finds you. My coworkers agree to this statement as we were discussing other cities and comparing them to Los Angeles. So what has happened in my world to create lack of sleep for the seventh day in a row? Free tickets to a private midnight showing of where the wild things are.

First of all: loved the movie. I was instantly taken back to childhood. There was one scene where the kid makes a fort in the snow just like I did! A big pile left by the plow is the ideal fort. The film sucked me in and never let go till the credits rolled. I forgot where I was sitting. This also happened during whip it. I have seen great films this season

Bloodshot eyes: as with all midnight premieres. They start at midnight. This means the movie doesn't end till two. Add thirty minutes to get out of the parking garage (due to a crazy party blocking street traffic) and fifteen minutes to get home I didn't sleep till around three. Awaking five hours later I showered and headed to work. No wonder my body hates me. Tonight I have nothing planned, I hope I will get sleep at a decent hour, I hope.

I am loving Los Angeles. There is much to do in this town. I have never had a boring Friday night to date. Its hard to tell of this is a unique experience to being at lafsc or if this is how this town runs. People are always doing something as far as I can tell. Publicity here. Networking there. There is always some premiere, some concert, some benefit going on somewhere and someome you know has am extra ticket. I love it. One things is for sure is free screenings. They only happen in la and maybe new York. But you send in an email, and get selected to recieved two free tickets! This happens all the time. I love it.

The thing that gets me is this town is all about the movies. Being a film person is exciting. It gets you all pumped up watching the Hollywood magic unfold all around you. If you want to be in film or television, this is the place. You don't have to live here forever. You just have to get a name for yourself then you can work from home. But I tell ya, there is a lot of film work in this town. The interesting thing will be what it's going to look like after graduation when I have to make money doing this.

But that is a worry that does not require attention right now. On that note I'll sign off and get back to work manning my desk. Three hours left and I get to take a nap. Can't wait.


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Floods, coffee, music, and good times.

Floods, coffee, music, and good times. 

It started raining this week in Los Angeles. A panic struck throughout the city. Millions of voices cried out to the heavens in angst as they frustratingly searched for their umbrellas stowed deep in closets long forgotten. Cars slowed down, business went to a halt for a brief while. The entire town was put on alert from the disastrous, 1.5 inches of rain. Children didn't sleep at night. Hospitals filled up. Town officials were evacuated. Rain hasn't hit the city of Los Angeles since June. I love rain. I now love L.A. locals reaction to rain. However, I myself have adopted a local reaction to rain. It's, well, so wet! I was so excited to see the sun today and it was only gone for less than a few days. I think I am getting to acclimated to the weather down here. While the rain wasn't much, it did have a negative affect on some areas. My Internship had a flooding problem. This meant I spent the whole day moving peoples trinkets and lives from their offices to a storage unit. Not fun. Oh, and did I mention I did that on no sleep and with a decent cold. Not a fun day. I was not enjoying my Seattle like day. Which was unfortunate, because I got to wear a scarf and my favorite coat... Moving on.

Today the sun showed up. I was happy to see it. My cold has started to leave me and has left nothing but a runny nose and the occasional cough. So today I lie low and just "take it easy." This brings me to my moment of reflection to who I am that occurred just now. As I write this I am listening to Imogen Heap, a really good band worth checking out, sipping on a latte I just made and staring out the window watching life. This is one my favorite moments of any day. The time where I can unwind, sip on a latte and just watch. Usually, music plays in the background and brings the moment to perfection. As I stared outside I thought about the cup of coffee in my hand and what it symbolized to me. You never really think about it, but coffee has a personality of its own and plays just as big a part in our lives as friends and family. A latte can mean many things. It can a pick me up from a stressful tiring day. It can be an excuse for a first date. It can a time of relaxation and self reflection. It can be art. It can used for social conversation. It can be used for personal savoring and enjoyment. A latte can bring two friends together who haven't talked in a long time. A latte can be the perfect gift. A latte can become an empire. A latte can be a blessing. 

I tried to think back on my own life and why I love the latte so much. I didn't really enjoy coffee till my senior year in High school. It was during this time when I slow acquired the taste for this beverage that has become a part of my life. More so than thinking about what kind of coffee I love the most, I remember the company I share coffee with. The reason why I love coffee so much is it gives me and someone time to sit across from each other and share. When I am not with someone coffee plays the role of the listener to my thoughts. It sits there and awaits me to drink it as I reflect on who I am. I enjoy every moment that I get to share with someone over a cup of coffee. People get so "real" when someone is willing to listen. Living in L.A. I haven't had that opportunity to share that moment with too many people, if any. In fact, the only time I have been to my favorite coffee house has been alone with a good book. Don't worry, that is something I also love to do. This has led to many moments of sitting in my apartment with my homemade latte and staring off into the distance. This may sound like I am weird, or depressed. But fret not! This is one of my favorite moments in the day. To sit there, listen to music, and just dream. Sometimes I wonder if I dream too much. I love to think about scenarios and take them as far as they can go. However, they never happen and they get lost and disappear forever. Most of my day dreams happen over a cup of coffee. Dreams of traveling. Dreams of meeting that someone. Dreams of becoming successful. Dreams of failing. My cup of coffee has carried me through many journeys across many landscapes. I have had everything, and lost it all over and over again. When my dreams end I usually pick up a good book and get lost in the mind of someone else. I love reading because it's an excuse to dream. It can also be an excuse to make that cup of coffee. ;)

I'm starting to enjoy this city. I have to be honest, I didn't like it at first. It's dirty and far from family and friends. I was encouraged last friday when I had the privilege of visiting a classmate from college up north, Jimmy Calle. Jimmy moved down here to Masters college. We talked, yes over coffee, about life and where I am and where I am heading. It was so refreshing to just say everything I have been wanting to say. What really encouraged me most was what he said about his future. You see, I am nervous about tomorrow. I try not to think about it, but it's there. Like a dark cloud on the horizon. I know it's coming, but I just gotta keep going till it catches up. It would be foolish to ignore it, but it's just as foolish to run in circles panicking about it coming. Jimmy told me he is planning on getting his masters in the area. He also told me another classmate from N.U. is coming down for his masters, Tyler Frick. These are two of my many good friends from Seattle. What are the chances that right when I was about to worry about thinking of moving to L.A. being all alone in a big city that Jimmy, without me even talking about my future, tells me that he and tyler are going to be living here for a guaranteed three years. You can call it a coincidence. You can call it strange. I don't know what to call it. I call it a blessing for now. Should I take this as a sign that perhaps my future is to move down here for a while? I have nothing to lose. I will have a degree. I will be done with school. I do know, however, that the option of moving down here is becoming more of a reality every day. It scares me. I am nervous. However, doors are opening and signs are starting to show up. I have been waiting my whole life for a billboard from God to just simply say: "Joe your next move is to _____." For years I heard nothing. I felt like I liked film. I felt that N.U. was the school to attend. I felt that I should do that crazy program that moves me to Los Angeles. I came here all alone. 

As you can see, I enjoy my latte time. And you can also see how reflective I get. So I apologize for getting really wordy and going of on a tangent. As for the rest of this post, I will cue you in on my next week. I have my internship tomorrow. A few films I am helping out with this weekend. My highlight for the weekend will be BRAND NEW and MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA live in concert Sunday evening! I love seeing live music and this show is definitely going to be a highlight of my year! Then on monday my week starts all over again. However next week is really exciting...MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO TOWN! I am so happy! I can't wait. However, if I think about it too much I will not be able to sleep I will be so excited, I will accept that next will be exciting, but I will not lose sleep over it. Once again I want to thank all of you who read my blog. It's funny, right when I wonder if anyone even reads my blog or enjoys it I get an email from family that encourages me to keep writing. It always gives me renewed excitement to keep posting. So thank you to all who read. I trust you are all having a wonderful week. The sun has just popped out of the clouds again and is blessing us with its warmth. I'm going to read for an hour then head to class. Today has been a really good day. Thanks for letting me share it with you. 


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Visual Stimulus:

68 days and I finally see rain!

I haven't seen rain in so long. But I shall not wait any longer. Today, it rained! Today, I am happy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Last weekend I went to Disneyland:

Last weekend my friend Libby came down to go to Disneyland. We had so much fun. Libby went to Northwest and lives just north of L.A. so it wasn't too bad of a drive for her. When we got there we met up with her sister Krissy and her friend Logan.

They are both recruiters for colleges around the country and down in L.A. for a college convention. So we all hung out on their day off. It is nearing that time of year when the night comes quicker and the air gets colder as the spooks come out to haunt us. Yes, I am talking about Halloween.

The haunted mansion ride was all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas figures. It was incredible. Just look at those statues! So cool!

We managed to head over to California adventure as well for some fun roller coaster rides, and my favorite ride in that park: The Tower Of Terror!

It's a fun one!

I got bored waiting in line so I took random pictures. The things I do to entertain myself! After a whole day, from ten am to midnight, we finished off the night with fireworks by the castle!

The fireworks were time to music from villains of disney films, and of course most of the music came from The Nightmare Before Christmas! It was really sweet and fun to watch. We left really late and when I got home I slept like a rock. Anywho, these pictures were long over due, so now that they are up I can move on and post some stuff that has been happening over the week!

A Message Regarding My Weekend:

Dear family and friends,

I need to get going and put something up that's excited. But first I am heading out to film yet another short film. This time I am acting in it! So don't worry, I will be posting this one when its online. I trust you all had a great weekend, I sure did. I was up late Friday night seeing the sights and hanging with some good friends. Saturday I got up early and helped Ellen with her film. We did a little editing later that evening. Sunday I got up early again and helped Danielle with her film. After that we drove to San Diego to see Jason Mraz live at this really sweet amphitheater! Today I film and edit some more. Life is busy down here, but I like it!

Again, thanks to all you read my blog! It makes me happy and excited to post regularly knowing that there are many people reading and following along.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Afternoon In Hollywood

    It's six o'clock and we have just wrapped up on production of Ellen's latest film. I'm tired and ready for dinner. I foresee a future of hot tea and a good book. I shall be sleeping some time in the future. Tomorrow is another day filled with filming, followed of course by a trip to San Diego to watch a live show. Monday is also a day of filming where I will be acting in a short in another student film. This weekend is busy and packed, but I like it. I have a few photos that I will be posting soon so you can look forward to that and perhaps another video update. Only time can tell now...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Compact Disc

    For the longest time I wanted to own a record player. There is nothing more indie than owning a machine that spins vinyl discs and produces sound. However, moving such a system around form dorm to apartment to apartment is something that I do not want to deal with. Some day I will own such a sweet set up. Until then I am investing in the Compact Disc. This way I can play music in my car and at my home stereo that I will someday have. I like music. I buy CD's all the time. I write this article because I have just pulled in from shopping at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles: Amoeba Music. I like shopping at Amoeba because it reminds me of Easy Street Records in Seattle and all the music I have bought there. I heard an idea today that memories are not only stored in our minds but in physical places. Events are remembered much stronger when you have something physical to interact with. A chair, a blanket, a smell, or a location. I miss Seattle but I am happy to be here. Amoeba is my little home away from home. When I buy music and put that CD into my car stereo I am taken instantly into another world separate from any physical location. My car disappears and I am taken to the next dimension that exists in a world that be reached no matter where you live.
    I went back to that place today. That surreal world and time where you feel infinite. That moment when you can close your eyes and you know that everything is going to be ok. The future, as uncertain as it may be, is going to be ok. No matter what happens everything will work out. This is the feeling of being infinite. That moment when the music is up, the windows are down, the wind rushes through your hair, that is the moment where everything becomes infinite. Some could call this a religious experience. Others may call it chi. In reality, it's you coming to grips with the realization of who you are for just a short moment. It's a thought in life when your worries and cares are put on the back burner and you can simply just exist. As I drove down Highland Ave with the music turned up I knew everything was going to be alright. Why do I love driving? I love to drive because I feel infinite. I feel infinite because my music takes me to that place.
    In Seattle I would take the bus. I would sit by the window with music in my ears and observe the passing scenery. In Los Angeles I do not take the bus, I drive. While traffic may be bad at times. While red lights seem to show up at every intersection. While it seems that I will never get home at a decent hour, I relax, roll down my windows, and simply disappear from this world and enter infinity. Even though the sun is always out in this place and it seems like there is never a break, there is still time to reflect and think about life. For me this happens late at night on what I call "slurpee runs." I get a slurpee often and I enjoy my time of headphone goodness as I walk in the dark, alone and peaceful in my infinite place I can finally look into life at where I am. Sometimes it really doesn't hit me, but I am far away from everything and everyone I once knew. This town can make one feel all alone. I am happy I moved down with so many people, but I am sad to think of what this town will be like when everyone I know moves away also. But that is a worry for another time. Right now I meditate on The Mountain Goats new worship album. I reflect on why I am here and why I want to work in this industry. What is my purpose to coming down to this city. I am reminded of my life verse, Ecclesiastes 12"13-14. To sum it up I will quote what I know from memory: "...fear the Lord and keep his commandments for that is the whole duty of man..." There is more afterwords about being judged for not doing so. I feel as if we forget about that part of God. He does love us and gives us a lot of grace, but he also is our judge. Sure, he is our righteous and perfect judge, but a judge nonetheless. These are thoughts that run through my mind as I find my infinite place. This is why I buy music. I went off on a tangent, so I will end this post for now. Thanks to all who read on a regular basis,


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Twilight Zone.

    L.A. is a great city. I will confess I didn't love it at first, but it has grown on me. It's not a city you stay in for a year straight, you gotta get out every once in a while. You may ask why that is, don't worry I'm about to tell you. This city, in all its massiveness, has irregular pockets of time distortion. In the past, this has been called The Twilight Zone. I enter The Twilight Zone once every other week. It always happens in my car, which makes sense if you have ever visited L.A. All the weird incidences happen when you are driving. I have discovered that during my commute to my internship on an irregular basis my parking garage key disappears. I will start out and admit that I don't have the best memory. But I know this and plan accordingly. I do things like forming habits. I park in the same spot when I go to the mall. I write everything down in my calendar. I put my parking key card in the same spot every time I use it. 
    This sets the scene for my Twilight Zone experience. One day I drove to my internship. Used my key card to get out of my garage. Worked. Then drove home. When I got back to my garage, my key card was no where to be found. I looked everywhere. Under the seats. In all of my pockets. Everywhere. Keep in my mind my car is usually very clean and a white plastic card would be easily noticed. It's literally no where to be found. But that is life you know. I can admit we all misplace things from time to time. So, naturally, I thought nothing of it. Then today happened. Same exact situation. Used the card to get out, put it in the same place, then bam! No where to be found. I feel as if I am going crazy. I started researching mental hospitals to check myself into. Where can my key card be going? Does it not like me? Why me? I mean, I think I'm a nice guy and all, but if I can't even hold onto the loyalty of a key card how can I ever dream of getting a girl. This scares me. 
    However, this must be explained simply and only by, The Twilight Zone. After all, where could this key card really be walking off too? L.A. is a great city. However, you must be careful and aware of incidents when The Twilight Zone will attack. For me it happened to be a simple situation. But for you, it could be life or death. I leave you all with this tidbit for now. This is Joseph Arnhold signing off,

Take care now ya'll


A short film?

I have finished my short film just about. Here is something to watch till I have it completely finished!

For some reason it crops out the whole right side when I link it to my blog, so if you want to view it in its full glory click HERE or if you are lazy you can watch this cropped version down below!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finishing woes of the editing world.

Sometimes you just gotta finish what you are working on and call it good. When it comes to the world of post production you can edit forever just about. Nothing can ever be "perfect." So tonight, I called my video good, exported it, and decided to sleep on what I had made. If I truly call it good tomorrow, it will be posted and you all can see my film. Until then, I'm enjoyin the little things.

Its getting colder down here. Highs in the mid 70's with lows in the 50's at night. Its pretty chilly here once the sun decides to go home. This makes me extremely happy. Why? Well, you see, being from the northwest I am used to fall and the changing of weather. I love wearing coats, scarves, and bundling up for my strolls outside. It is never quite cold enough here to bundle up...although really late at night its just about there. So tonight was my first night to be all bundled up in true northwest fashion. With scarf wrapped tightly around the neck, coat zipped up, and ipod playing at mid level I strolled around the dark complex of Park LaBrea and reminisced on life in the far away land known as the Northwest.

California is a truly unique state, i see why millions of people live here. Although, once you have experienced many different cultures and many different geographies you remember what it was you enjoyed most about home. The smells of the crisp fall air. The leaves that turn color. The large piles of leaves that you can jump into. You remember the mist before the heavy rain and the smell it leaves behind that no glade plug in can emulate. You remember the last day of fall and the sudden shift in crispness as the air gets cold enough to freeze water and bring upon that wonderful creation known as snow. Yes, California is a great state, but there are things that I miss. Those being the seasons. It has been one season here so far. Sunny. It has been a tad warmer, and a tad chillier. In the end, it has always been just plain ol' sunny. I am not complaining however. I am only here for four months, so i am soaking in every bit of sun I can obtain.

However, upon my return to home I will greet the cold crisp fresh air with a greeting that no film has ever captured. We are talking perfect slow motion run from the car to the nearest snow pile. Cross fade to snow angel creation. Cut to kitchen moments later with already hot cup of cocoa in the hands as I sit around the dining room table and begin to tell my family all about my adventures. I'll remember my favorite moments, and describe my worst moments. My fears of future living will be put off and all I will be caring about is the present. That present being a time where I will be surrounded by my family. With a Hudson on my lap and a sister close by preparing dinner for that child so I can feed him. A mom and pop staring forward smiling and laughing as I tell my funny mishaps. An Aunt just walking in after work ready for her hug.  A brother in law also sipping cocoa laughing and reaching for a towel as Hudson will have most likely spilled something on me. I wont mind, however, I will be all too happy to just be home. To sleep in my own bed. To walk in an empty field. Drive around in a land where traffic is an after thought. To be in a land that so peaceful and quiet you wonder why you ever left in the first place.

When you move away you sit down and truly think about what is most important.
What is important in this life?

Monday, October 5, 2009

A quick fill in:

I have had a busy and exciting weekend. I will be posting more on what happened in a bit, most likely tomorrow or tuesday. My film is almost done. It is very exciting and I can't wait to see people's reactions! I have but a few audio tweaks left and some minor cuts, then I'm done. My friend Libby came down for the weekend and we had a fun time hanging out like the good ol' days, of last year. Saturday we went to Disneyland where we tired ourselves out running around for 14 hours. It was incredible, and there will be pictures up soon. Sunday I slept in a tad then went to a new church, Reality LA. It was pretty sweet, over an hour long sermon and pretty good worship. A good choice for time spent. The rest of my Sunday was editing. I ended the night with heading to the Grove mall to watch Zombieland. The newest zombie comedy as put out by Sony. It was incredible and hilarious. A perfect end to a perfect weekend. I have to hang out at my internship tomorrow, so I'm headin to bed now. I will get pictures and or videos up in the near future as soon as possible!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The last I will speak of the Premier, Whip It.

Of all the important people at the premiere, these two were definitely the main attraction. But sadly this picture doesn't have me in it. Hmmmm, I wonder what we can find on youtube.

So, I know what you are thinking. Joe, you aren't in that video. Look again, this time in the upper right hand corner. I am standing behind girls from the film in the fan pit. I am there, I swear. Just look for the guy with the bold black framed glasses!

Anywho, that is all I shall post about this. It was definitely an amazing evening.

So that was just some random B-Roll footage of what it is like at a red carpet event. 
Here are just a few more pictures that I found online that I enjoyed:

I'm there in the blurry background somewhere, I swear!
Regardless if I am seen or not, that is definitely where I was standing. We were really close.

And what would be a blog posting for the Whip It Premiere without the lovely Ellen Page. Oh she is beautiful. She didn't look too well, but what can you say. Late nights, premieres, stardom, its a rough life.