Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Twilight Zone.

    L.A. is a great city. I will confess I didn't love it at first, but it has grown on me. It's not a city you stay in for a year straight, you gotta get out every once in a while. You may ask why that is, don't worry I'm about to tell you. This city, in all its massiveness, has irregular pockets of time distortion. In the past, this has been called The Twilight Zone. I enter The Twilight Zone once every other week. It always happens in my car, which makes sense if you have ever visited L.A. All the weird incidences happen when you are driving. I have discovered that during my commute to my internship on an irregular basis my parking garage key disappears. I will start out and admit that I don't have the best memory. But I know this and plan accordingly. I do things like forming habits. I park in the same spot when I go to the mall. I write everything down in my calendar. I put my parking key card in the same spot every time I use it. 
    This sets the scene for my Twilight Zone experience. One day I drove to my internship. Used my key card to get out of my garage. Worked. Then drove home. When I got back to my garage, my key card was no where to be found. I looked everywhere. Under the seats. In all of my pockets. Everywhere. Keep in my mind my car is usually very clean and a white plastic card would be easily noticed. It's literally no where to be found. But that is life you know. I can admit we all misplace things from time to time. So, naturally, I thought nothing of it. Then today happened. Same exact situation. Used the card to get out, put it in the same place, then bam! No where to be found. I feel as if I am going crazy. I started researching mental hospitals to check myself into. Where can my key card be going? Does it not like me? Why me? I mean, I think I'm a nice guy and all, but if I can't even hold onto the loyalty of a key card how can I ever dream of getting a girl. This scares me. 
    However, this must be explained simply and only by, The Twilight Zone. After all, where could this key card really be walking off too? L.A. is a great city. However, you must be careful and aware of incidents when The Twilight Zone will attack. For me it happened to be a simple situation. But for you, it could be life or death. I leave you all with this tidbit for now. This is Joseph Arnhold signing off,

Take care now ya'll


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  1. Joe's car is usually very clean... try... Joe's car is always spotlessly clean.

    Joe's car has to get out of LA every once in a while, so one of these days it will be in a city near you and you can see for yourself.