Thursday, October 15, 2009

Floods, coffee, music, and good times.

Floods, coffee, music, and good times. 

It started raining this week in Los Angeles. A panic struck throughout the city. Millions of voices cried out to the heavens in angst as they frustratingly searched for their umbrellas stowed deep in closets long forgotten. Cars slowed down, business went to a halt for a brief while. The entire town was put on alert from the disastrous, 1.5 inches of rain. Children didn't sleep at night. Hospitals filled up. Town officials were evacuated. Rain hasn't hit the city of Los Angeles since June. I love rain. I now love L.A. locals reaction to rain. However, I myself have adopted a local reaction to rain. It's, well, so wet! I was so excited to see the sun today and it was only gone for less than a few days. I think I am getting to acclimated to the weather down here. While the rain wasn't much, it did have a negative affect on some areas. My Internship had a flooding problem. This meant I spent the whole day moving peoples trinkets and lives from their offices to a storage unit. Not fun. Oh, and did I mention I did that on no sleep and with a decent cold. Not a fun day. I was not enjoying my Seattle like day. Which was unfortunate, because I got to wear a scarf and my favorite coat... Moving on.

Today the sun showed up. I was happy to see it. My cold has started to leave me and has left nothing but a runny nose and the occasional cough. So today I lie low and just "take it easy." This brings me to my moment of reflection to who I am that occurred just now. As I write this I am listening to Imogen Heap, a really good band worth checking out, sipping on a latte I just made and staring out the window watching life. This is one my favorite moments of any day. The time where I can unwind, sip on a latte and just watch. Usually, music plays in the background and brings the moment to perfection. As I stared outside I thought about the cup of coffee in my hand and what it symbolized to me. You never really think about it, but coffee has a personality of its own and plays just as big a part in our lives as friends and family. A latte can mean many things. It can a pick me up from a stressful tiring day. It can be an excuse for a first date. It can a time of relaxation and self reflection. It can be art. It can used for social conversation. It can be used for personal savoring and enjoyment. A latte can bring two friends together who haven't talked in a long time. A latte can be the perfect gift. A latte can become an empire. A latte can be a blessing. 

I tried to think back on my own life and why I love the latte so much. I didn't really enjoy coffee till my senior year in High school. It was during this time when I slow acquired the taste for this beverage that has become a part of my life. More so than thinking about what kind of coffee I love the most, I remember the company I share coffee with. The reason why I love coffee so much is it gives me and someone time to sit across from each other and share. When I am not with someone coffee plays the role of the listener to my thoughts. It sits there and awaits me to drink it as I reflect on who I am. I enjoy every moment that I get to share with someone over a cup of coffee. People get so "real" when someone is willing to listen. Living in L.A. I haven't had that opportunity to share that moment with too many people, if any. In fact, the only time I have been to my favorite coffee house has been alone with a good book. Don't worry, that is something I also love to do. This has led to many moments of sitting in my apartment with my homemade latte and staring off into the distance. This may sound like I am weird, or depressed. But fret not! This is one of my favorite moments in the day. To sit there, listen to music, and just dream. Sometimes I wonder if I dream too much. I love to think about scenarios and take them as far as they can go. However, they never happen and they get lost and disappear forever. Most of my day dreams happen over a cup of coffee. Dreams of traveling. Dreams of meeting that someone. Dreams of becoming successful. Dreams of failing. My cup of coffee has carried me through many journeys across many landscapes. I have had everything, and lost it all over and over again. When my dreams end I usually pick up a good book and get lost in the mind of someone else. I love reading because it's an excuse to dream. It can also be an excuse to make that cup of coffee. ;)

I'm starting to enjoy this city. I have to be honest, I didn't like it at first. It's dirty and far from family and friends. I was encouraged last friday when I had the privilege of visiting a classmate from college up north, Jimmy Calle. Jimmy moved down here to Masters college. We talked, yes over coffee, about life and where I am and where I am heading. It was so refreshing to just say everything I have been wanting to say. What really encouraged me most was what he said about his future. You see, I am nervous about tomorrow. I try not to think about it, but it's there. Like a dark cloud on the horizon. I know it's coming, but I just gotta keep going till it catches up. It would be foolish to ignore it, but it's just as foolish to run in circles panicking about it coming. Jimmy told me he is planning on getting his masters in the area. He also told me another classmate from N.U. is coming down for his masters, Tyler Frick. These are two of my many good friends from Seattle. What are the chances that right when I was about to worry about thinking of moving to L.A. being all alone in a big city that Jimmy, without me even talking about my future, tells me that he and tyler are going to be living here for a guaranteed three years. You can call it a coincidence. You can call it strange. I don't know what to call it. I call it a blessing for now. Should I take this as a sign that perhaps my future is to move down here for a while? I have nothing to lose. I will have a degree. I will be done with school. I do know, however, that the option of moving down here is becoming more of a reality every day. It scares me. I am nervous. However, doors are opening and signs are starting to show up. I have been waiting my whole life for a billboard from God to just simply say: "Joe your next move is to _____." For years I heard nothing. I felt like I liked film. I felt that N.U. was the school to attend. I felt that I should do that crazy program that moves me to Los Angeles. I came here all alone. 

As you can see, I enjoy my latte time. And you can also see how reflective I get. So I apologize for getting really wordy and going of on a tangent. As for the rest of this post, I will cue you in on my next week. I have my internship tomorrow. A few films I am helping out with this weekend. My highlight for the weekend will be BRAND NEW and MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA live in concert Sunday evening! I love seeing live music and this show is definitely going to be a highlight of my year! Then on monday my week starts all over again. However next week is really exciting...MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO TOWN! I am so happy! I can't wait. However, if I think about it too much I will not be able to sleep I will be so excited, I will accept that next will be exciting, but I will not lose sleep over it. Once again I want to thank all of you who read my blog. It's funny, right when I wonder if anyone even reads my blog or enjoys it I get an email from family that encourages me to keep writing. It always gives me renewed excitement to keep posting. So thank you to all who read. I trust you are all having a wonderful week. The sun has just popped out of the clouds again and is blessing us with its warmth. I'm going to read for an hour then head to class. Today has been a really good day. Thanks for letting me share it with you. 


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