Monday, October 12, 2009

Last weekend I went to Disneyland:

Last weekend my friend Libby came down to go to Disneyland. We had so much fun. Libby went to Northwest and lives just north of L.A. so it wasn't too bad of a drive for her. When we got there we met up with her sister Krissy and her friend Logan.

They are both recruiters for colleges around the country and down in L.A. for a college convention. So we all hung out on their day off. It is nearing that time of year when the night comes quicker and the air gets colder as the spooks come out to haunt us. Yes, I am talking about Halloween.

The haunted mansion ride was all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas figures. It was incredible. Just look at those statues! So cool!

We managed to head over to California adventure as well for some fun roller coaster rides, and my favorite ride in that park: The Tower Of Terror!

It's a fun one!

I got bored waiting in line so I took random pictures. The things I do to entertain myself! After a whole day, from ten am to midnight, we finished off the night with fireworks by the castle!

The fireworks were time to music from villains of disney films, and of course most of the music came from The Nightmare Before Christmas! It was really sweet and fun to watch. We left really late and when I got home I slept like a rock. Anywho, these pictures were long over due, so now that they are up I can move on and post some stuff that has been happening over the week!

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