Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finishing woes of the editing world.

Sometimes you just gotta finish what you are working on and call it good. When it comes to the world of post production you can edit forever just about. Nothing can ever be "perfect." So tonight, I called my video good, exported it, and decided to sleep on what I had made. If I truly call it good tomorrow, it will be posted and you all can see my film. Until then, I'm enjoyin the little things.

Its getting colder down here. Highs in the mid 70's with lows in the 50's at night. Its pretty chilly here once the sun decides to go home. This makes me extremely happy. Why? Well, you see, being from the northwest I am used to fall and the changing of weather. I love wearing coats, scarves, and bundling up for my strolls outside. It is never quite cold enough here to bundle up...although really late at night its just about there. So tonight was my first night to be all bundled up in true northwest fashion. With scarf wrapped tightly around the neck, coat zipped up, and ipod playing at mid level I strolled around the dark complex of Park LaBrea and reminisced on life in the far away land known as the Northwest.

California is a truly unique state, i see why millions of people live here. Although, once you have experienced many different cultures and many different geographies you remember what it was you enjoyed most about home. The smells of the crisp fall air. The leaves that turn color. The large piles of leaves that you can jump into. You remember the mist before the heavy rain and the smell it leaves behind that no glade plug in can emulate. You remember the last day of fall and the sudden shift in crispness as the air gets cold enough to freeze water and bring upon that wonderful creation known as snow. Yes, California is a great state, but there are things that I miss. Those being the seasons. It has been one season here so far. Sunny. It has been a tad warmer, and a tad chillier. In the end, it has always been just plain ol' sunny. I am not complaining however. I am only here for four months, so i am soaking in every bit of sun I can obtain.

However, upon my return to home I will greet the cold crisp fresh air with a greeting that no film has ever captured. We are talking perfect slow motion run from the car to the nearest snow pile. Cross fade to snow angel creation. Cut to kitchen moments later with already hot cup of cocoa in the hands as I sit around the dining room table and begin to tell my family all about my adventures. I'll remember my favorite moments, and describe my worst moments. My fears of future living will be put off and all I will be caring about is the present. That present being a time where I will be surrounded by my family. With a Hudson on my lap and a sister close by preparing dinner for that child so I can feed him. A mom and pop staring forward smiling and laughing as I tell my funny mishaps. An Aunt just walking in after work ready for her hug.  A brother in law also sipping cocoa laughing and reaching for a towel as Hudson will have most likely spilled something on me. I wont mind, however, I will be all too happy to just be home. To sleep in my own bed. To walk in an empty field. Drive around in a land where traffic is an after thought. To be in a land that so peaceful and quiet you wonder why you ever left in the first place.

When you move away you sit down and truly think about what is most important.
What is important in this life?


  1. Joe! Great blog post my friend! We miss you around here buddy. I personally love the state of California and could live in about 4 different places down there! However, yes, I would miss home as well. But there are just certain things about the state of California that would replace my missing home lol:)

    Matt White

  2. joe, that was perfect. i could totally see you doing all those things in slow motion. i know exactly how you're feeling. it's great to be here but home is always better :)