Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to Urth.

I have been extremely busy as of late. This week I have been in pre-production for my last film. I am making a Zombie film and let's just say, it's a lot of work. On top of all that, my parents came in on Wednesday! This has been the highlight of my week! However, things haven't been going to smoothly... First of all I drove to the wrong airport, LAX, and had to turn around and head an hour and a half north to Burbank. So my parents ended up sitting on a concrete bench watching the sunset for an hour or so...whoops... We went to dinner right away and then I dropped them off at their hotel. That evening my mother had given me my latest shipment of bread from my sister. My brother, Jared, has been randomly baking bread as of late. Katie sent some down a few weeks ago. Let me just say this bread is amazing! It's so good we call it crack bread because it's addicting. So I had Ellen and Maggie over to share half a loaf of this latest crack bread shipment. SO GOOD!

Thursday I had class till noon. Then I had to run around and move equipment and find a location for filming all that stuff. STRESS! Then I picked up the parents and we headed north to Burbank to watch the Jay Leno show. We just barely made it in time and got in. Hillary Swank was there. It was fun to see the whole production process and attend a live show. For dinner we ate at some country place in downtown universal. Then I took the parents to my school where they met a few peeps and got to see my classrooms and stuff.

Today, Friday, we got up at our leisure and headed out and about. I took the rents to Intelligenstia, its a really amazing coffee shop. Then we chilled on Wilshire BLVD for a bit and headed out to a late lunch at Urth cafe. Let's just say, its really good.

This evening we are heading to Venice beach to shop around and enjoy the waterfront and just be relaxed. I can't wait. For now we are chilling in the hotel room watching tv. There are three televisions in the room so we are all watching our own show. But at least it's relaxing!

Anywho, more to come soon. Thanks for reading!


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