Friday, October 16, 2009

Where the wild bloodshot eyes are

The difference between Los Angeles and other cities is you don't have to search hard to find something to do in this town. Something to do finds you. My coworkers agree to this statement as we were discussing other cities and comparing them to Los Angeles. So what has happened in my world to create lack of sleep for the seventh day in a row? Free tickets to a private midnight showing of where the wild things are.

First of all: loved the movie. I was instantly taken back to childhood. There was one scene where the kid makes a fort in the snow just like I did! A big pile left by the plow is the ideal fort. The film sucked me in and never let go till the credits rolled. I forgot where I was sitting. This also happened during whip it. I have seen great films this season

Bloodshot eyes: as with all midnight premieres. They start at midnight. This means the movie doesn't end till two. Add thirty minutes to get out of the parking garage (due to a crazy party blocking street traffic) and fifteen minutes to get home I didn't sleep till around three. Awaking five hours later I showered and headed to work. No wonder my body hates me. Tonight I have nothing planned, I hope I will get sleep at a decent hour, I hope.

I am loving Los Angeles. There is much to do in this town. I have never had a boring Friday night to date. Its hard to tell of this is a unique experience to being at lafsc or if this is how this town runs. People are always doing something as far as I can tell. Publicity here. Networking there. There is always some premiere, some concert, some benefit going on somewhere and someome you know has am extra ticket. I love it. One things is for sure is free screenings. They only happen in la and maybe new York. But you send in an email, and get selected to recieved two free tickets! This happens all the time. I love it.

The thing that gets me is this town is all about the movies. Being a film person is exciting. It gets you all pumped up watching the Hollywood magic unfold all around you. If you want to be in film or television, this is the place. You don't have to live here forever. You just have to get a name for yourself then you can work from home. But I tell ya, there is a lot of film work in this town. The interesting thing will be what it's going to look like after graduation when I have to make money doing this.

But that is a worry that does not require attention right now. On that note I'll sign off and get back to work manning my desk. Three hours left and I get to take a nap. Can't wait.


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