Sunday, August 30, 2009

Went to a highly recommended church today. Mosaic takes place in the Mayan club right downtown L.A. amidst the trash filled streets of the forgotten buildings. The Mayan club is an all out club that mosaic rents out for their evening service. It comes complete with bar, loud speakers, and a full dance floor. Once a week this church is transformed into a place if worship. 

The worship was a cross between ingrid michaelson with a country drawl and Mars Hill worship influences. It was really good and definitely something I appreciated. Erwin Mcmanus came out and talked about some random life principle that was something that could easily be applied. Service was rather decent and a chill vibe that is reminiscent of modern non-denominational 'hipster' churches. Creativity and art as an expression of our worship was a feature that was highly talked up. It seems to basically be their focus. Creativity. To create just as God created us. 

Regardless of theme or vibe of the disco styled church, the over all feel was something that was opening for the non-church goers. Community was something that we avoided upon our first visit, so there is nothing to say on how easy it is to meet people. Maybe next week there will be a different vibe. 

Moving on, 

It's sunday evening and I have no school tomorrow. I plan on picking up a new lens for my camera so I can take cool photos. I will see if its still available. I am kind of excited to pick this lens up. Its a Canon 50mm 1.4. I'm excited to get it. It is time to watch another film then head off to bed. I will learn of my internship this week so I am excited to figure that out. I am getting acquainted with L.A. now, though I got real lost on my way home from Mosaic. Regardless of that one experience things are starting to make sense now. I can't wait to start my internship! 

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  1. the mere mention of getting lost took up one sentence in your blog... for shame...