Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its a Kodak moment

Its Saturday, in case you all don't know. Today we are touring the Kodak theatre. This is pretty exciting and I can't wait to see what its like behind the scenes. Tonight is a barbecue at our directors house. That makes me happy a little, free food! Mostly it'll be exciting to still attempt to know everybody. It's only been a week so I am still a little iffy on most peoples names. But that's ok. Our program decided to take every persons picture and distribute them with names below them so we can know who people are. In reality, its sort of creepy having everyone's mug shots in your binder.

It's early and i didn't get much sleep last night. in fact, I haven't been getting much sleep at all this week. It's because I am having difficulties sleeping, but more than because i am out and about until three in the morning. But that behavior is really nothing unusual. I am happy that I have an espresso machine, i feel as if I am only function because of my daily shots. I'm tired, but slowly waking up. It's time to go. I will be posting more in the near future.

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