Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I come from a small town. Spokane, while big, is a small city. We pride ourselves on the little things. Cheap living leads to a life of recreation and the pleasure of enjoying the creation around us. When it comes to celebrities we hold to the few that we have. Mainly, well, John Stockton? I don't really know of any celebrities living in Spokane actually.

This leads me to my surprise upon moving to Los Angeles. This is the town of the stars. There are more stars here proportionately than any other city in the world. Literally, someone famous could be in the car next to you at a red light. The crazy thing about this city is how easy it can be to fake it and get a glimpse of the celebrity life. There are thousands of people who know people who knows someone. You could easily have the chance to hang out with a celebrity at some point. It's L.A. after all.

What is the point I am trying to make? Well, I just got back from a movie premier. I happened to get tickets, courtesy of Lydia Carmony, to the Whip It premier. Drew Barrymore directed this film, it was her first film in which she was the director. So naturally, she was the premier. The tickets that we had allowed us to participate in the red carpet experience. Literally, I was standing around the red carpet. All the stars walked around right in front of me, including Ellen Page.

What was surprising was the entrance of two high end guests. These guests were none other than Steven Speilburg himself and Quentin Tarentino. I was taken aback by their presence and completely starstruck. After all, those are two of my top five directors. And because I already met and got an autograph from Michel Gondry earlier this month, I have met/seen three of my top five directors. I have only lived in L.A. for a month. Talk about an exciting city to live in.

There were a ton of other celebrities there as well I will get a list as soon as the premier info is posted online somewhere. I shook hands with the lead boy crush from the film and it was actually kind of exciting. After all, this guy kissed Ellen Page!

Well, I will be posting more about this in the future. For now, I am signing off. Keep reading!

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