Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Had some time to post more pictures.

Ok, so I have some free time on my hands right now so I have decided to just upload a ton of pics of people and things have I have been doing lately. I hope to eventually get picture of just about everyone up soon, but this is taste for now.

It was a dark and gloomy night one evening walking home late.
From Left to Right: Eric, Josh, Jeremy

This is mike.




Security Guard.

A picture taken from the roof of my school. Funny story:
We were shooting in the lobby and the security guard wanted a picture taken of herself. So I did, hence the photo up above. It didn't end there. When we were done filming she grabbed me and took me to the elevator. I was scared for my life. Where were we going! We went to the roof. She told me "Bulgarian Aunty will take care of you! Whenever you want to shoot up here you let me know." The roof has some amazing views, however it has been terrible weather lately and not clear enough to get some good snaps. That will come in the future hopefully.

I live in there somewhere. Don't ask me which one, the place is like a Labyrinth.

This is Josh.

Mitch and I working on my Film. We make a good team and we are efficient together. I am pleased with working with him. He will definitely be helping with my next film, if he is available of course.

Overseeing the scene.

Me recording sound on Mitch's short.

Chillin the bathtub with Justin. Tricky scene to shoot, not enough room in the bathroom!

And I conclude this photography posting with a random artistic picture from underneath the Santa Monica Pier. I don't really know why, but I just really like this pic. It has been a fast weekend, but definitely worth it. Tomorrow I am going to the premier of whip it starring Ellen Page. I am really excited and will be blogging about that in the near future. Stay tuned! Also, editing has been going smoothly on my short and it is nearing completion. I am really proud of it and am excited to show it so you all can have something fun to watch! Not that my video posts aren't fun enough, but seriously this will top anything I have posted so far! Its almost four in the morning so I am going to hit the hay. Sleep with come quickly for me tonight. I have nothing on my schedule tomorrow, which is needed, so I will be able to rest up and relax. The rest of the week is going to be pretty packed.

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