Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chillin on a Sunday

Hey everybody, I know it has been a while since I have written a normal blog, but today is your today. It has been several weeks since I have first moved in and finally I have become accustomed to the Los Angeles lifestyle. This is nice because I can start settling in and enjoy life. I saw John Williams conduct the L.A. Symphonic whiled they played his music from Harry Potter, Star Wars, and E.T. This was awesome and a great opportunity. I have a bunch of photos and will be posting them up soon.

In addition to hangin out school has also started to pick up. I haven't started my internship yet, but I have an interview monday at 3. I am so excited to start my internship. School isn't all that hard, which is nice. I have two personal films I have to shoot and I start the first one in a few weeks. I will be posting the results of that video as soon as it is available. So until my work starts I have been helping other students with their films and gaining experience. I have learned lots about the whole casting thing and lights and all that goodness.

Well, it's time for dinner so I am going to have to split but I will be posting more later.

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