Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Becoming anonymous:

Reporting live from my first day of my internship. It's lunch time and I have just filled up with free sandwiches provided by a start up cafe that is enticing us to eat there. First impression is I like the food, I might stop by time to time.

Oh right, you want to hear about my internship and not my lunch. Well let me finish my fancy grilled cheese and fill you all in. Today was learnig day. So many new faces and so many new names. It starts all over again. I really enjoy the over all feeling of this place so far. It's chill yet professional, I like the mix. I had a simple workload today: read an informational packet and edit a film script for typos. Pretty basic stuff, but after all I am an intern...

My day didn't start too ealy, arriving at nine I was a little sleepy but managed to put on an awake face. I met a bunch of people that I will struggle with their names for quite a while. Took a breif tour. Found a desk to call my own. Ate lunch, then headed home. Pretty basic day, but a good one for my first day.

I am excited to be here and meet a ton of good contacts that will hopefully be really helpful. This place is extremely legit and I am excited to work here. I will know more about what I am doing once I get comfortable in the office. After all it is my first day. My next day is Friday and I am curious to what that day brings forth.

This is what I know about anonymous so far: it's a successful independant production company that works on many differing projects varying from commercials for television, music videos, and full length features. The head producer in the company has had an excellent track record at spoting talent and is away currently working on set of the newest feature up anonymous' sleeve. My job here will be to assist the assistants and other menial tasks as needed around the office. If I'm lucky I will get a chance to meet people in the different divisions and find an area that interests me the most. One of the good things about anonymous is that I will get the chance to experience many different asets of a production. Hopefully I will find a department that interests me more than others. But for now I am nothing more than a legal slave for the office. At least I will be able to meet a few people. Hopefully that will work out in my favor.

It's time to get on with my day so I will have to conclude this blog for now, but rest assured I will be posting in the future soon. It's been a quick day, but a long day being that I have class for 4 hours straight in a bit. I can't complain though being that is really my only long day.

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