Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And there was excitment on the second week.

    Its Wednesday now and things are finally starting to go into full motion. Our collaborative films are finally starting to take shape into what teams we are in. Scripts were turned in today, only five will be chosen. I managed to read a few and got really excited to work on some of them. There is a lot of talent down here this semester, and that makes things competitive and healthy. We are all competing for the same job so we all have to do our best. No longer am I the token "video guy." I am "just another video guy."

    Despite that difficulty, the future looks bright. Our internships should be determined soon, so that is exciting. I am sitting around and waiting for my internship to call me back. I have to call in Friday if I haven't heard from them yet. My two choices are Anonymous Content and Dreamworks! Both I am really excited for so I hope I get either one!

    In other news, this week has had a bit of homework so it has felt the most like school so far. However, that is all about to change soon. In the next two weeks everything will be settled in and rolling forward. Homework will all be figured out, and the work will mostly be hands on. Ya know, fun stuff!

More to come in the future, stay tuned for more pictures and video!

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