Friday, September 25, 2009

In alphabetical order...


That is the alphabet. We take it for granted. Often times we thinkin nothing of it. However our whole world is is run by it. You might be asking yourself by now, why are we talking about the alphabet? Well it's pretty simple. When you pay to work as a slave, one if your tasks is the job of sorting and organizing. This menial task is one that is done behind the scenes in dark corners of vacant buildings adjacent to derelict apartment complexes in abandoned neighborhoods. This is where our world is organized and stored. This is where we slaves work day in and day out sorting peoples lives in order to catalogue all the failures that their lives consist of.

That being said, an interns work is not all that bad really. But there are times of the day when there is nothing else to be done but sorting an organizing. How do I like this place so far? This is my second day here and I am enjoying it so far. I am beginning to remember names and fit in around the office. I like the people here a lot and the diversity of work here is great enough to never make things boring. There is always at least one feature being worked on, several commercials, and a music video or two. Life here never gets boring. Which I like. As far as things go I am comfortable here and excited for the semester to carry on.

Lunch break is almost over so I should be getting back to filing I guess. I finally figures out the wifi here so I can now blog whenever I get bored. That makes things interesting.

I am filming my short tomorrow, so I will be posting pictures and clips from that hopefully. Stay tuned.

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