Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The end

I got offerred a job at my internship. I took it. Ever since I said yes my life hasn't slowed down one bit. With school ending, apartment hunting, and driving back to Seattle I have had a moment to sit down and relax. Right now I am sitting in my good friends living room staring at his Christmas tree freaking out. After Christmas I move back to L.A. I move way from friends and family. I move away from comfort. I move away from everything I know and everything I have come to love. My heart will always remain in the Northwest. I will work my hardest to come back to this beautiful land someday. For now, I will soak in every moment of everyone and everything as much as I can. Jan, I begin the trek south once again. This time to stay.

This particular blog will be ending and closing down. However, I wont stop writing. I will be making a new blog and posting that on here as soon as I get it set up. My life is crazy right now, but it is exciting. Who knows what God has in store. The future is uncertain, but would you really want to live life knowing what's next? That would be way to boring.

Thanks for all your support over this semester. This next year might be a bit tougher. I appreciate and love all of you. Thanks for reading, more blogs to follow soon!


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  1. how about those new blogs Joe.... how about them....