Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homesick Blues:

I try to deny it as best as much as I can, but there are times when it is too hard to hide. I miss home. This town isn't cutting it. At home I have the most adorable nephew and the most loving parents. Down here I have nothing. It's sunny, everyday, and that is about it. Sure there is fun film stuff here. But come on, film can happen anywhere. For some reason today the fact that home is so far away is just completely unbearable. I have spent the last hour just staring at my sisters blog staring the most adorable baby boy I have ever seen in my life. I finally understand why I am more homesick now than before. It's simple. The only new factor is Hudson. Becoming an uncle has changed me more that I ever thought it would. Seeing an innocent person and realizing that they get to go through all the same emotions and experiences as you is troublesome. I don't want Hudson to make the same mistakes I did. I know Katie will do an awesome job as a mother, and Jared is the best dad I have ever seen, apart from my own :). But still. As an uncle I will be a role model for Hudson. What scares me is the fear of being a bad role model.

But for now. In the present. Babies are innocent and adorable. I miss my nephew and my parents and my sister. There is nothing I want more than a hug from all of them right now.

In other news:
we finished filming our large group film last weekend! I did sound on set and will be assisting with sound editing later this month. It's pretty exciting. I took over 500 photographs, so look forward to seeing some soon. Keep in mind it will take me a while to sort through them...there are a lot!

Today is wednesday and that means the week is halfway over! I am looking forward to this weekend of taking photos on the set of Candy. It's another group film in my program. Think halloween horror fantasy in a cute it looks cool. After that, well, my semester is nearing an end. This means I get to start thinking about moving home and begin saying goodbye to all the close friends I have made down here. That is a thought I want to ignore, but a tought I have to start coming to grips with. In just over a month I will have a degree! It's scary, but I am ready to be done with school.

Thanks for all your support as friends and family,

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